Unwind at the luxurious Trivik resort, Chikmagalur

That’s Mark Twain’s version of luxury. For me, it’s spending a lot of time amidst nature, sipping my warm cup of coffee and spending undivided time with my loved ones. That’s exactly what I get to do on my luxurious staycation to the best resort of Chikmagalur -Trivik Resort.

It was a bright sunny day, Rajat and I left Bangalore around 6am in a crisp clean cab arranged by Arjun Tours and Travels. As soon as I got settled in the cab, I was served with my favourite cookies, but before that there was a sanitiser placed right in front of me to be used before I started gulping down the cookies. At that moment, I knew that it’s going to be a good staycation.


Of Course Covid has changed the way we look at things, but some things Covid couldn’t take away from us. Like the love of road trips. And when you cruise on Karnataka highways in a chauffeur driven car, that feeling of calm and comfort is not easy to put in words. But I will try!

The smooth butter roads of Karnataka outlined with the tall coconut trees with water bodies every 20kms and the crazy good South Indian food joints on the way make it for a dream road trip in India. We cruised through the highway, stopped at one of the popular food joint called Dhruvtare (on the recommendation of our Driver bhaiya) to eat their famous crispy vadas. Idli and Dosa we love so much that we order those by default. In no time, we reached Trivik resorts.

Upon our arrival, our temperature was checked and were asked to sanitise our hands and then we were welcomed with a welcome drink. As I sipped that warm comforting tea, I gazed out and the view from the glass walls were so mesmerising that I left the ID card formalities to Rajat and enjoyed my chai and the view.


Then we were escorted to our ultra luxurious Mountain Suite which had a mountain view slightly covered with tall trees. The suite of course was gorgeous beyond my imagination, but the highlight was the jacuzzi in the bathroom and the view from the jacuzzi. That bathroom was almost as big as my whole house in Bangalore. I was in awe of it. Honestly, we weren’t tired at all because of the comfortable road journey in the cab by Arjun Tours and Travels. So, we changed and stepped out for lunch. There are jeeps which run inside the property to take guests from one place to another, yeah, the resort is huge and massively covered in trees and coffee plantations.

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For lunch, we indulged in a huge spread of buffet and ate to our heart’s content while watching the spectacular views from the balcony of the restaurant. In fact, I didn’t feel like leaving the balcony and secretly wished to eat standing there. The variety in food was obviously extensive but what blew my mind was that whatever I ate was cooked to perfection.


Now, It was time for us to lie down in our beds for a while before we jumped into the jeep to go to their in house coffee shop. Our 4 minute ride to the coffee shop was absolutely scenic but the coffee and the view from the coffee shop didn’t let us leave easily. We strolled around the resort absorbing a lot of fresh air and calm to the eyes which all the greenery around gave us. That was honestly a lot of aimless strolling which finally ended at our room after an hour. We enjoyed the sunset hues from our balcony and talked and spent such good times with each other.


Then our phone rang and we were invited to the bonfire. We quickly got up and left to attend the bonfire and listen to some music along with it. When we reached there, it seemed like we were the only ones there, so it almost felt like a private bonfire party. We danced to the tunes, sat by the side of the bonfire and talked our hearts out. In places like these, you happen to connect more, listen more and live more!

It was time for our awaited dinner, yeah, we always wait for meal times during such staycations and when the food they served in lunch was this delicious, it was obvious that we were looking forward to dinner. It was a buffet again but a wide variety one and this time I couldn’t even decide what all I wanted to eat. Still managed to gobble a lot of food and hit the bed for a good night sleep.

It was the next day today and Rajat woke up a little earlier than I did. The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was him standing at our huge window and probably soaking in the morning views and listening to the chirping birds. Trust me I don’t get to see him this relaxed often, so this trip was already a winner for me.

Both of us quickly washed our faces, brushed our teeth and ventured out to enjoy the beautiful morning in the hills. We walked till the infinity swimming pool which is the highlight of Trivik resorts, dipped our feet in the cold water of the pool, sat there for a while and discussed life! Yes, in these moments, you discuss life truly.


Okay, we were hungry and breakfast is our favorite meal of the day. So we reached the restaurant which overlooks the pool. Gobbled in our favorite South Indian delicacies from the variety and then walked to the restaurant’s balcony to enjoy our morning cup of coffee.


Now, it was time for a long bubble bath in the bathtub which I was so looking forward to. I spent a good time in the jacuzzi with a book in my hand and then got ready for a nature walk. This was the most amazing part because a young naturalist Kartik, of 26 years of age took us on a nature walk just outside the property. There was lush greenery and the magnificent views of the Western ghats on the trail. Kartik also introduced us to a variety of insects and plants on the way.


By the time we got back, it was time for lunch. After our lunch, we walked around the resort to soak it all in and clicked tonnes of pictures. Then, Kartik took us on a coffee estate walk and explained to us all about the types of coffee and how Chikmagalur got it’s first coffee bean. He is a great storyteller, I must say! There’s no negotiation on coffee, so, it was obvious that as soon as we finished our walk, we headed towards the coffee shop and got ourselves a good cup of coffee. Ofcourse, the views made the coffee a little more delicious.

Then we explored the resort a little more and chanced upon the games room. Oh man, both of us paced towards the Table Tennis table and played in our own novice way. Nevertheless, we spent good time playing TT after ages. The kids in us got hyper competitive and we actually spent over an hour playing Table Tennis.

Ofcourse, we were hungry by this time, so we rushed to dinner and ate to our appetite. I mean I was amazed at how they can excel at each cuisine. Food was really impressive at Trivik Resort.

Next morning, before checking out, it was one last time that I indulged in the luxury of a jacuzzi and relaxed myself before getting back to the fast paced city life. As soon as we finished our delicious breakfast, driver bhaiya from Arjun Tours and Travels was at our service to load the cab with our luggage. We bid our bye to the lovely staff and the amazing property one last time and headed back to Bangalore.

Originally published at My Travel Recitals.



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